Tom Baxter

Licenses and Ratings: ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, MEL, CPL, IR, RTR ATP

Number of Years Flying: 44 years

Short Bio: Tom is the Chief Flight Instructor and Director of Capital City Aviation. Tom has an extensive background in Aviation, and Business. His first aviation job was as a flight instructor at The Ohio State University in 1976. Throughout his career, he has worked as a charter, corporate and commuter airline pilot. He has also flown EMS and aerial application helicopters, and has had a lifelong interest in aerobatics. Among other achievements, Tom implemented and directed the original Grant Medical Center LifeFlight Helicopter program, which became MedFlight on the north side of KOSU. In addition to being the director of Capital City Aviation, Tom flight instructs, and flies the Cessna Citation Sovereign at NetJets. Tom and his wife Cheryl live in Hilliard, and they have three daughters. Tom enjoys time with his family, friends, dogs and horses; and is active in fitness, shooting sports, scuba diving, kayaking and camping.

Aly Bond

Licenses and Ratings: CFI, Glider License, IR, CPL

Number of Years Flying: 7 Years

Short Bio:  Aly has been flying ever since she can remember.  She started flying gliders at twelve years old, and then transitioned to airplanes.  She likes to tell people she flew an airplane by herself before she drove a car by herself!  Aly obtained her CFI before she started college, and has enjoyed instructing at Capital City Aviation since then.  Aly has also enjoyed spending her time flying several Pilot’s N Paws missions, and being an active member in the Women’s Soaring Pilot’s Association. In addition to instructing and soaring, Aly is currently working on a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at The Ohio State University.

Zack Kelly

Licenses and Ratings: CFI, CPL, IR, MEL

Number of Years Flying: 5 years

Short Bio: Zack discovered his passion for aviation at a very young age. While on family vacations, Zack knew he wanted to be a pilot because the flight to and from his vacations were his favorite part of the trip. Zack began his flight training in High School. Zack ultimately continued his training at Capital City Aviation. Since then, Zack has obtained a Commercial Rating, an Instrument Rating, and Multi Engine Rating. Zack became a Certified Flight Instructor at Capital City Aviation and continues to follow his dream of becoming an airline pilot.

Timothy E. Heron, Ed.D.

Licenses and Ratings: CFI, CFII, Winner of the FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor Award, CPL, IR, Ground Instructor and Advanced Ground Instructor Certificates

Number of years flying: 46

Short Bio: Tim has been flying for 46 years, has logged over 3,100 hours of flight time in single engine and technically advanced airplanes. He has been co-owner of a C-182 for 27 years. Tim became a CFI in 2001, a CFI-I in 2002, and he has logged over 1,300 hours of dual instruction given. Tim is a former AirLifeLine volunteer pilot, and currently flies Young Eagles missions with EAA. In addition, he published “Instrument Flying: 10 Indispensable Principles to Know and Remember” (Two Harbors Press) in 2014. That same year, Tim formed the Columbus-based chapter of IMC Club to improve pilot safety, and he became a FAA FAASTeam representative. In 2016, Tim earned his Basic FAA Wings designation. His blog, and other instrument resources, can be accessed through his website.

Mark Hollander

Licenses and Ratings: ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, CPL, IR, PPL SEL and SES

Number of Years Flying: 11

Short Bio: Mark has always had an interest in aviation and flying since he was young. Mark has a varied background, including the airlines. He enjoys flight instructing because he enjoys the fact that no two flights are ever the same. The challenge of having to adapt to different situations is one of the reasons he flight instructs. Ultimately, Mark enjoys instructing because he gets to help people meet their goals.

Andy Johnston

Licenses and Ratings:  CFI, CFII, CPL, IR

Number of years flying: 25

Short Bio: Andy is currently a group Vice President at Ashland Inc, but has been a passionate, part time Flight Instructor for the last 10 years, and loves to teach in his spare time. He has worked for Capital City Aviation for the last 5 years and loves to teach in any of the single engine airplanes, but particularly likes the challenge of flying and teaching in technically advanced aircraft such as the Cirrus SR20 and SR22. Andy holds a BSc in Chemistry & Chemical Engineering from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow Scotland, and an MBA from the Ohio State University.

Joe Kordes

Licenses and Ratings: ATP, CFI, CFII, CPL, IR, MEL

Number of years flying: 11

Short Bio: Joe has lived a life focused on aviation. He started flying when he was 15 years old. Later, he earned a bachelor’s degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide in aeronautical sciences and a minor in business. Joe currently flies a Lear 45 for a company based out of the Dayton area. He has been flying professionally since 2007 as a flight instructor, airline pilot, and corporate pilot. Additionally, he holds type ratings in the CL65, LRJET, LR45 and D328JET. Joe currently resides in Worthington, Ohio and enjoys spending his time outdoors with his children. In his free time, he enjoys playing hockey, shooting sports, working out, reading, and playing card games.

Christine Shumway Mortine

Licenses and Ratings: CFI, CFII, MEI, Trained Cirrus Instructor, and CPL

Number of Years Flying: 10 years

Short Bio: As a life time teacher and adventurous soul, Christine loves her role as a flight instructor.   She is passionate about advocating for general aviation by volunteering with FAASTeam, The Ninety-Nines, Professional Pilots Association, Angel Flights, Experimental Aviation Association and the Recreational Aviation Foundation.  Christine owns a Cessna 185 and is often planning her next trip to the mountains.

Paul Palmisciano

Licenses and Ratings: ATP, DPE, CFI, CFII, Glider PL, CPL, IR, Winner of the FAA Master Pilot Award, Cirrus CSIP, FAA FAASTeam Representative

Number of Years Flying: 50+

Short Bio: Paul began flying at age 16, and has enjoyed the view of the earth from three thousand feet ever since. Paul has accrued a wealth of experience from over 50 years of flying. He has been a flight instructor since 1977, and has accumulated nearly 5,500 hours of flight time. In September of 2016, Paul was awarded the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award from the Federal Aviation Administration for 50 years of safe and proficient flying. Paul’s reason for flying can be summed up in the following quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupery: “The aeroplane (sic) has unveiled for us the true face of the earth.” His goal in flying is to help pilots become better and safer – all the time.